Step 1Recognizing the potential of your portfolioTHE IMMO-SNAPSHOT

Step 1

How exactly can I improve my portfolio?
And what is Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) even useful for?


These two questions occupy many real estate owners and demand for an honest answer. Our Immo-Snapshot is a structured review of your current portfolio. We offer a condensed report on the strengths and potentials in your portfolio. This will provide you with solid oversight and a good grasp of REAM’s value contribution.


Market value appraisal of your real estate assets

Analysis of rent incomes and optimizations regarding costs and area usage

Assessment of micro- and macro-location

Short evaluation of development opportunities


Do you recognize yourself in these use cases?
Then New Pine is your ideal partner!


The demand for real estate property remains high. Low interest rates are forcing many institutional asset managers to invest in real estate. High capital inflow into the Swiss real estate market and historically low mortgage loan costs are driving up prices continuously. It is hard to find suitable assets in decent locations and at a decent price.
  • Comprehensive insight into available assets on the market (RE-Database)
  • Rigorous appraisal and selection process
  • Transparent brokerage with predetermined conditions
  • Efficient handling of all legal and tax-related aspects
Permanent vacancies indicate that your rentable areas are not attractive enough. Either the offered standard or usage concept are out of date or the market exhibits supply overcapacities. In the latter case, it will be hard to align demand with your rental offering. Furthermore, excessive supply often prompts tenants to migrate into newer buildings, as these tend to only have a small price premium over older buildings. The consequences are more vacancies and more frequent changes of tenancy.
  • Adapting your rental offering to changing market demands
  • Dynamic revenue and expense planning
  • Investment consultancy (invest/build where it is profitable)
  • Early discovery of relevant market and locational developments
The relevant metric for the economic success of a real estate asset is its net profitability. Whether and to which degree, a renovation or a constructive expansion really add up depends on the technical age of the property, its usage concept and the rent potential. Simultaneously, the sale of a property can be interesting, for example in case of high value appreciation or declining locational attractiveness. Finally, the tax-specific implications behind every decision need to be thoroughly understood. All these scenarios need to be analyzed and calculated in detail in order to determine the economically optimal decision.
  • Analysis of the property’s individual development potential
  • Discovering and implementing optimization potential
  • Calculated the economic viability of cyclical and one-off renovations
  • Current value appraisals of your property